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The Tank

The Tank is a monstrosity! A 53-foot, rolling fish aquarium! A proven colossal “show stopper!”

The world’s largest rolling fish tank is 6,000-gallon simulated natural environment. “The tank” hosts a variety of aquatic guests, but all are examples of fish living in local waters - not normally discovered in an aquarium.

Watch the crowds gather when the professionals climb atop “the tank” for a show-and-tell style seminar. Pros offer tips and secrets to the crowd from the Tracker Boat “stage” mounted atop the end of the tank. Demonstrations of casting and other tricks over the aquatic guests offer attendees a unique, interactive, educational experience.


“The Tank” is 53-foot-long gooseneck trailer that has been morphed into a mobile fish aquarium. On arrival, the trailer makes its transition into the natural fish habitat. The aquarium holds in excess of 6,000 gallons of water, is visible from both sides, and can host between 50-100 aquatic guests (depending on their size).


Coming to a city near you… click here for a current schedule of appearances for “The Tank.”a


“The Tank” is a multi-faceted attraction traveling the country offering fishing seminars and demonstrations. Captive target audiences offer a unique cooperative advertisement opportunity for fishing-related products or corporate-level recognition.

Sponsorship is available on different levels… and the face of the tank is adaptable to accommodate if necessary. If you would like to take advantage of this marketing opportunity… call Ken Freeman @ 731-234-1888 or … click here for contact information.


Interested in booking “The Tank” for an event? Call Ken Freeman @ 731-234-1888 or click here for contact information.


The Tank requires:

Minimum 60 x10 footprint of exhibitor space

Solid, level area for parking. Weight is enormous when tank is full. Commercial concrete or pavement is suggested.

20-25 foot clearing for casting demonstrations.

Access to water and drainage.

Continuous 20-amp 110v electricity for pump and filter operation.

14 move-in door for indoor events.

May we suggest

The tank should be positioned in the center floor of your event, and space allowances should be compensated for crowd gathering. 10’ on either side is required. 20’ is recommended. Consult local fire marshals for your area’s clearance specifications.

Schedule a pre-determined early arrival time for the tank. Its massive size dictates a need for additional turning radius during placement. Move-in proceeds much smoother around the already-in-place tank.

Depending on water pressure, the tank takes approximately 4-5 hours to fill. Proper fish-ready water must be achieved before the aquatic guest can be safely introduced for show time. Water additives and temperature control assist in achieving this fairly quickly.

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. –– The Catfish Institute (TCI), along with Chef Ivo Puidak of the "Bass Pro Shops Big Cat Quest" television series, performed cooking demonstrations last weekend at the Mid-South Fair featuring tasty U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish. Ken Freeman, of Freeman Outdoor Promotions was also on-hand with the world’s largest mobile aquarium, featuring live catfish, bass and perch.

"U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish is a product I am proud to support," said Chef Ivo. "It's earth-friendly, healthy and versatile. That versatility makes it the perfect substitute in most recipes. Doing cooking demonstrations and providing food samples at the Mid-South Fair is a way to remind people of this great seafood product. It’s American-grown – it just can’t be beat."

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