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Bass Pro Shop's Big Cat Quest

02/02/2013 Paducah, Ky. Results

1st Glynn Grogan, Arlington, Allen Kentucky 82.70lbs

Chris Stephens, Newbern, Tennessee

2nd Craig Collins, St. Joe Missouri 73.85lbs


David Studebaker, Burlington, Kentucky

3rd David Sample, Orena, Illinois 68.45lbs

Clint Paradee, Decatur, Illinois

4th Todd Anderson, Mason West Virginia 60.15lbs

Chad Ord, New Haven, West Virginia

5th Mike Massey, Arlington, Kentucky 46.45lbs

David Elliott, Arlington, Kentucky

Big Fish Chris Stephens, New Bern, Tennessee 58.90lbs

Awesome job to all the winners!! It was very cold, rising flood waters and some of the most trying conditions, I have ever seen Anglers overcome to have the success achieved in this tournament.

Hats off to the entire field you are all winners in my book.

Thanks for fishing with us at The Bass Pro Shop's Big Cat Quest and we look forward to seeing you all at the next stop in Clarksville, Tennessee!!


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